Debt Consolidation Mortgages Explained

Debt consolidation

Debt can take a huge toll on our mental and emotional well-being, wreaking havoc with our sense of stability and security. A debt consolidation mortgage could help you to take back control.

Understanding Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance

The fortunate among us will never have been required to use critical illness insurance. Why, if you’re lucky you may never have even heard of this type of policy at all. However, in the event of a major health emergency, your critical illness insurance may be the one thing standing between you and a financial […]

Portfolio Mortgages for North East Buy-To-Let Landlords

City of Newcastle

For North East landlords juggling multiple properties and multiple mortgages, a portfolio mortgage can revolutionise the way that you manage your loans. If you possess a large portfolio of multiple buy-to-let properties in the North East of England, we’re sure you don’t need us to tell you just how much of a headache it can […]

Understanding Fixed Rate Mortgages

fixed rate mortgages

The mortgage landscape can be a veritable minefield, so when you’re looking to take out a mortgage on a property it can be difficult to know what sort of repayment framework will suit you and your needs best.  Today, we are keen to explore some frequently asked questions about what is potentially the most popular […]

Tap Into the Power of Remortgaging 

releasing equity from your home

With inflation ballooning, we’re all feeling the crunch right now. If you’re a homeowner looking to save money on your monthly outgoings wherever you possibly can, remortgaging your property could be the perfect hack for you.